Improve your teaching skills

With over 25 years of experience teaching yoga Howard can help you improve your teaching skills.

From sequencing interesting and thoughtful classes, to expanding your repertoire for modifications and adjustments, to creating meaningful workshops and retreats, to handling difficult situations that arise, to building your confidence as a teacher, it is helpful to have an experienced and compassionate guide!

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Successfully market your classes

Get ready to fill your classes and generate sustainable income as a yoga teacher! In addition to Howard’s extensive experience as a successful yoga teacher he is the former owner and creative director of an award-winning advertising agency and has been involved in marketing in one form or another throughout his entire adult life.

He is also the co-author of The Business of Yoga: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketing and Maximizing Profits for Yoga Studios and Instructors (link to books page)

Free 15-minute consultation: 


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 As anyone with back problems will tell you, pain, limited activities, and days missed from work take their toll physically, financially, and emotionally. Learn more

A big problem with most back care programs is limited treatment options. Pain medications often mask problems, allowing further damage to occur because warning pain is not felt. Physical therapy is limited by what insurance companies deem necessary, and lastly surgery, a costly option, is often ineffective.

This book features two yoga therapy practices. The first is for acute back problems which means you’re in pain right now. This practice is designed to bring structural balance back into your body and gently stretch key muscles, reducing pain and helping you heal. The second practice is designed to build strength and flexibility which helps prevent future problems.

Also covered:

•How to prevent low back problems in the first place.

•The different types of low back problems and why they occur.

•A first-aid section that shows highly effective natural methods for relieving pain.

•Anatomy of the low back.

$22.95 plus $4.95 shipping in the US.