Shavasana Audios

Shavasana with Body Scan

This powerful Shavasana experience is supercharged with guided imagery and breath to send the message of deep relaxation to every area of your body and mind. As your tensions dissolve, you’ll discover the deep peace that is at your core. This Shavasana audio is ideal for reducing anxiety, eliminating symptoms of stress, helping you get to sleep or at the end of your asana practice. 17.12 minutes


Shavsana - Classical

Like a mini-vacation, this deep relaxation experience will quiet your mind and body leading directly to stillness and a sense of peace and balance. Listen to this Shavasana audio to quickly removing stress, at the end of your asana practice or any time you want to feel renewed and revitalized. 10.53 minutes


Yoga Audios

Yoga for Energy

This yoga practice features yoga postures and invigorating sequences that will get you energized! Whether you would like to have more energy to start your day, after work, or just take you mood up a notch, “Yoga for Energy” is for you. 49.55 minutes


Yoga for Deep Relaxation

Are you ready to let go of the tightness, stress, or anxiety accumulating in your body and mind? This restorative practice focuses on using specific yoga postures to help you let go and relax deeply. It is the ideal antidote for anyone experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or having trouble sleeping – a wonderful gift to yourself. Suitable for all levels. 59:01 minutes


Yoga for Strength

Building and maintaining strength in your body is so important for your overall health and maintaining a good quality of life, from simple everyday movements like carrying a package, lifting a suitcase overhead, or picking up a grandchild. In this audio program Howard will lead you through a challenging yet accessible yoga practice specifically designed to build strength throughout your entire body. 45.50 minutes


Yoga for Balance

Balance is a critical part of overall good health and helps prevent injury. It is important to maintain at any age, but particularly as we get older to prevent falls that can lead to broken bones. Improving and maintaining balance is a loose it or use proposition! In this audio, Howard will lead you through a yoga practice designed to improve your balance while building strength and flexibility in your legs and hips. 46.14 minutes


Yoga Abs!

Every movement we make from sitting to standing to walking to stretching involves your abs (core). A weak core can result in lower back issues, a lack of energy, poor digestions, and how well you move over all. In this audio Howard will leads you through a “Yoga Abs” practice that will help strengthen and tone your core to prevent lower back issues, improve digestion, enhance flexibility and alignment, build energy, and feel stronger in your body! 36.34 minutes



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